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Who we are

Spectral Games Sp. z o.o. is an independent game developer located in Poland founded by industry veterans in 2009.

What we do

We create games for iOS, Android, PC and consoles, also work for hire providing outsourcing of full games, game design, level design, asset creation.

Super Bakusie

Super Bakusie is an iOS/Android/Web game created in cooperation with Hand Made advertising agency for the marketing campaign they prepared for dairy products company Bakoma

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Totem Warriors Android/iOS

Harness the powers of nature, wield powerful magic, and command mystical guardians with the goal of defending sacred totems from mysterious and influential invaders.

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Fury of the Gods, Athena DLC

Athena DLC is a new Athena goddess update to our smash hit Fury of the Gods for iOS, 10 new missions, new enemies and new godly powers to kill infidels with

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What we did

Totem Warriors

Super Bakusie

Fury of the Gods

Plant Panic

Global Ops: Commando Libya

Fury of the Gods iOS

Your once faithful followers have revolted against you by renouncing their faith and tearing down your temples. Unleash your wrath with the Almighty Finger and smite those heathens down!

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Global Ops: Commando Libya PC

A B-52G bomber carrying four thermo nuclear bombs crashes into the icy Arctic waters of North Star Bay near Thule Airbase. The search party finds the wreck and three of the bombs, but the fourth is missing...

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Plant Panic iOS/Android

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